Meet the Real David Horowitz

Revolution #002, May 15, 2005, posted at

Pathological Liar: Horowitz writes, "On March 16, 2003 an Israeli bulldozer set to work removing shrubs in the Gaza Strip town of Rafah. These shrubs obscured the tunnels terrorists were using to smuggle weapons. As Rachel Corrie knelt in front of the terrorists’ supply lines , the bulldozer’s driver...ran over her." What actually happened? "Along with several other people, Rachel sat down in front of a house that was targeted for demolition by the Israeli army—one of thousands of Palestinian homes in Gaza and the West Bank destroyed by the Israeli occupiers just in the past two years. Witnesses say the bulldozer’s driver could clearly see Rachel, who wore a fluorescent jacket and was speaking into a bullhorn. But the bulldozer continued forward, pulling Rachel under—then it reversed and drove over her again." (Sources: "Campus Support for Terrorism," edited by Horowitz and Johnson, 2004. Revolutionary Worker #1201, June 1, 2003.)

Shameless Hypocrite: A commentator posted on Horowitz’s website, fellow reactionary Ann Coulter, said that North Korea should be nuked because it would be "fun." She also said that the 9/11 hijackers should have flown into the New York Times offices. Horowitz is not demanding that Coulter be silenced or denied the right to speak on campuses—as he has done with Ward Churchill.

Racist Bigot: Horowitz praises Jared Taylor of the Council of Conservative Citizens, an openly racist organization, calling him the "author of a pioneer book of political incorrectness on race...a very intelligent and principled man." Taylor says things like "in some important traits—intelligence, law-abidingness, sexual restraint, resistance to disease—whites can be considered ’superior’ to blacks." Taylor’s group calls immigrants "slimy mass of brown glop." (Source: Tim Wise, in a symposium on "Ward Churchill: A Symbol of Higher Education," 3/4/05,

Fascist Thug: During the stealing of the 2000 election, Horowitz issued "war room briefings" for the Republican operatives who intimidated Florida election officials into calling off the recount. Entries on Horowitz’s website had advice like this: "Question.: ’David what do you recommend for the Republican strategy on the Florida recount?’ [Horowitz replies.] ’This is my answer courtesy of Al Capone: ’If he comes at you with a fist, you come at him with a bat. If he comes at you with a bat, you come at him with a knife. If he comes at you with a knife, you come at him with a gun." (Source: Washington Post , "A Radical Transformation," 3/28/01)

Whining Philistine: Horowitz tries to appeal to narrow-minded philistinism towards academics when he attacks professors, claiming they are only in class six hours a week and get four months paid vacation while getting paid $60,000 to $100,000 a year. This is cheap demagoguery—from someone whose own work could never stand up to peer review and who makes many times that through funding from right-wing foundations. (Source: " Bowling Green Barbarians," Horowitz,