Statement from RCP,USA

On the Loss of Comrade Cafer Cangöz and 16 Other Comrades of the Maoist Communist Party [Turkey and North Kurdistan]

Revolution #008, July 17, 2005, posted at

It is with great sadness that the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA learned of the killing of Comrade Cafer Cangöz and sixteen other comrades at the hands of the reactionary Turkish army. The revolutionary struggles in Turkey and the United States both face the common, oppressive force of imperialism and share the final goal of achieving communism throughout the world. Our two parties are both participants in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. The RCP,USA joins with the thousands in Turkey and all over the world in denouncing this cowardly massacre and honoring the memory of the fallen comrades.

Communists live in different countries, but share a common revolutionary vision: the emancipation of all of humanity, by the masses themselves, everywhere, from exploitation, oppression and social inequality. When this revolutionary cause advances in any one country, comrades everywhere share in the joy. And when comrades give their lives in the struggle, we share in the bitterness.

Although the Turkish ruling class has a huge military, armed to the teeth by U.S. imperialism, terror and repression alone cannot forever stem the revolutionary aspirations of the masses in Turkey. Although the road is difficult and full of sacrifice and hardship, the people, with the leadership of their communist vanguard, can forge their way to final victory.

Comrade Cafer Cangöz led the First Congress of the MKP which opened the door in the communist movement in Turkey to a critical reexamination of the past weaknesses and a fresh approach to the problems of making revolution. The greatest way of honoring Comrade Cangöz’s memory is to carry forward the process which began under his leadership. We are confident that armed with the ever vibrant and constantly developing science of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism your party will overcome this bitter blow, turn grief into strength and advance the cause of the revolution.

Central Committee
Revolutionary Communist Party, USA