Ghetto Remix

Akon, Miles Solay, Koba and Bob Avakian

Revolution #017, October 9, 2005, posted at

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From the website:

“R&B artist Akon recorded ‘Ghetto’ which was released on his debut album, Trouble, in 2004. An amazing music video for the song, filmed in New Jersey, New Mexico, and at the Navajo Nation in Arizona, was seen on MTV2 and BET. The song began to generate more buzz when a remix surfaced on the radio featuring none other than Biggie Smalls and 2Pac. Miles Solay and Koba recorded their remix and sam-pled from the Bob Avakian REVOLUTION DVD.

“Bob Avakian is Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party and his writings are regularly featured in Revolution newspaper. Avakian is a fearless and visionary leader with great love for and understanding of the masses of people. With a significant body of work including his memoir, From Ike To Mao And Beyond, and Observations on Art & Culture, Science & Philosophy, he has been developing and taking revolutionary communism to a whole new place. You can download and listen to the ‘bootleg’ MP3’s of his talks at

“Miles Solay is the vocalist and lyricist of Outernational, an up-and-coming firebrand of a band based in NYC. Koba is a ferocious MC, part of the hip-hop group Kontrast.

“Download this song. Get it played on college radio AND commercial radio. Get it all over the filesharing networks. Put it on your mixtapes. Play it in your car. Play it on your stereo, in the neighborhood and really loud. Upload it to your Podcast. Write about it on your blog or zine.”