Revolutionary communists ready to be born…..under these harsh and brutal conditions

Revolution #018, October 16, 2005, posted at

Revolution received the following letter from a prisoner.

There has been a lot of good discussions and heated debates jumping off around here lately. We have been covering a wide range of topics such as Bush and everything he stands for, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the existence of/non-existence of god (note: I‘m the only atheist in this part of the prison) and the science of revolution/evolution.

As you know, most of us here in prison are from the very bottom of society, which means that most of us have been locked out of struggling in the realm of ideas. At the same time, like I said before, I have been provided with the tools as well as the concrete means--thanks to the revolutionary leadership of Bob Avakian and the RCP--that not only enabled me to shatter the chains that once bound me to the walls of ignorance and powerlessness, but also challenged and inspired me to acquire a revolutionary scientific outlook and method. I now have a responsibility in getting the truth out to others. As this woman that was on a prison documentary which aired on MSNBC so poetically and aptly put it: "Prison can either be a womb or a tomb."

Yes, indeed, just think of all the potentially revolutionary communists that are ready to be born, nurtured and fully developed under these harsh and brutal conditions.

Last night I was reading "Letting Go of God Part 2" ( Revolution #15), for some reason after reading what Bush had to say at the Washington National Cathedral: "Through prayer, we look for ways to understand the arbitrary harm left by this storm and the mystery of undeserved suffering. And in our search we are reminded that god’s purposes are sometimes impossible to know here on earth." I immediately thought of Niccolo Machiavelli, the Florentine statesman and political theorist. I wonder why could it be that Machiavelli regarded religion as valuable--not because it was revelation or truth but because it was socially useful. As Guiseppe Prezzolini pointed out in his book "Machiavelli": "Veneration of the supernatural is a weapon of illusion for the use of politics in the state’s fight for survival."

If possible, do you think you can send me "Letting Go of God" part 1, as well as the 4-part series "God the Original Fascist"? I would really like to be armed with these and pass them around. We have been getting hit pretty hard by these religious fundamentalists who come storming through here. In fact, I am going to enclose a recent pamphlet that we were bombarded with the other day. It’s entitled "The Evidence of God: A former atheist makes the scientific case for creation." Keep in mind this little pamphlet was directed towards me. Just like back in 2004 when the prison chaplain heard me discussing the little I knew of science of evolution, he quickly began passing out the book "Darwin Under the Microscope." But, unlike 2004, I am now able to fight back in a scientific and fun way–thanks in large part to Ardea Skybreak’s "Science of Evolution" series.

Well, I’m going to cut this short. I just wanted to put you up on some of what’s been going on around here. There has been some good responses to the "World Can’t Wait" and the "Hurricane Katrina" leaflets…

Keep struggling and always stay strong!

In Unity-Struggle-Unity

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