Why we must not wait?

Revolution #020, October 30, 2005, posted at revcom.us

The following is an article by Rev. Luis Barrios, regular columnist for the Spanish language El Diario la Prensa, which appeared on Oct. 23.

A few days ago, during one of those prayers when God allows me to fight with her, I said: “George W. Bush is a murderer, a racist, a hangman, a liar, a dictator and he’s  bloodthirsty.”

And God, very wisely, as she always does, answered: “I know it. What are you going to do about it?” How wonderful it is to have a Godess that doesn’t absolve us of any responsibility and instead makes us confront it head on!

This presents us with the need to recognize the existance of a Bushist challenge that expresses itself through a nazi-onalist ideology.

This kind of idolatry that could be defined as Christian fascist aims to justify hatred and disdain and, at the same time, to justify certain racist, sexist, heterosexist, ethnocentrist, and classist actions, just to name a few.

Based on this reality, we must accuse Bush and his regime of genocide and holocaust against humanity. Resolution 260 (III), of the UN General Assembly, adopted December 9, 1948 states in Article 2 that, among other things, genocide means killing members of certain groups; or causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the groups. Article 3 states that genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, attempt to and complicity to commit genocide should be punishable.

In my judgement, Bush and his regime are guilty of committing all of these violations against the dignity and human integrity of the people affected by Hurricane Katrina. The people of Loiusiana and Mississippi were left to die because they belong to one or more of those groups that the U.S. ruling class doesn’t like: the Blacks and Latinos or the poor.

In its 2005 report on the U.S., Amnesty International (U.S.) made serious accusations against the Bush regime concerning torture against prisoners of war being held in the military jail in Guantánamo, Cuba and the military airforce base in Garam, Afghanistan. The report emphasizes and criticizes the Bush regime's refusal to allow investigations and evaluations of the prisoners’ conditions, which is a cover-up.

It is also necessary to accuse the Bush regime of the crime of holocaust since this concept is applicable to situations where the government apparatus carries out or oversees the persecution, or commits genocide against political groups.

Here we have the case of the Puerto Rican Independence groups. The assassination of Comandante Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, leader of the Ejército Popular Boricua, los Macheteros, in Puerto Rico by the federal police (FBI) is an example of this type of crime, as is the threat to persecute and arrest more than 150 people who participate in this anti-colonial movement.

Why we shouldn’t and can't wait? Because we don’t feel like letting Bush and his administration continue governing in this fascist manner.

We have to drive him out of the presidency, that’s enough, god damit!

This brings us to the invitation to be part of the big demonstration being organized for Wednesday, November 2, whose purpose is to drive these people out of the presidency.

On that day, all paths lead to Union Square (14th St.) in New York City at noon.

Peace and justice, lets get rid of Bush, it can be done!


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