Among the Recent and Notable Endorsers of World Can't Wait Call...

Revolution #021, November 6, 2005, posted at

ACT UP, New York City

After Downing Street Coalition

Tom Ammiano, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Aris Anagnos, Los Angeles


Edward Asner

Axis of Justice

Mumia Abu-Jamal

Russell Banks, writer

Ed Begley, Jr. , actor

Campus Anti-War Network (CAN)

Tim Carpenter, Director, Progressive Democrats of America

Kate Clinton, humorist

David Cobb, Green Party Presidential Candidate, 2004

Code Pink: Women for Peace

Culture Clash, LA

Chris Daly, San Francisco Board of Supervisors

DC Anti-War Network

Tom Duane, New York State Senator

Michael Eric Dyson, writer

Steve Earle, musician

Edwin Ellis, President, Veterans for Peace, LA*

Jane Fonda

Gary Giddins, music critic

Deborah Glick, New York State Assemblywoman

Sam Greenlee, filmmaker

Haitian Coalition for Justice

Suheir Hammad, poet

Sam Hamill, Poets Against War

Kathleen Hanna, musician

Hip Hop Caucus

Rev. Robert M. Hollum, Pastor of Luther Place, Wash., DC

Bill T. Jones, dancer

Rickie Lee Jones, musician

Casey Kasem

Frances Kissling, President of Catholics for Free Choice

Jonathan Kozol, writer

Ron Kovic, writer, Vietnam veteran

Mark Leno, California Assemblyman

Margaret Lindgren, Fellowship of Reconciliation*, Los Angeles

Bill Mitchell, Co-founder, Gold Star Families for Peace*

Tom Morello, Audioslave

Not in Our Name


Jose Padilla, Exec. Dir., California Rural Legal Assistance*

Peter Phillips, Project Censored, Sonoma State Univ.

Jeremy Pikser, screenwriter, Bulworth

Harold Pinter, Nobel Prize winning playwright

Kevin Powell, writer

Progressive Democrats of America

Malik Rahim, Common Ground Collective, New Orleans

Boots Riley, The Coup

Rosemary R. Ruether, theologian, professor

Sonia Sanchez, poet

Rinku Sen, Colorlines

Cindy Sheehan

Stanley Sheinbaum, economist, LA

Sunsara Taylor, Revolution newspaper

Studs Terkel, writer

Dwight Tribble, jazz vocalist

Gore Vidal, author

Rev. Dave Weissbard, Unitarian Universalist Church, Rockford, IL

Cornel West

Saul Williams, poet

Ann Wright, former US diplomat, resigned in protest of Iraq war

Leland Y. Yee, Speaker Pro Tem, California State Assembly

Robert Zevin, Robert Brooke Zevin Associates, Inc.,Boston

Howard Zinn, historian, A Peoples’ History of the United States


* for identification only

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