The Battle for Student Political Expression!

Revolution #024, November 27, 2005, posted at

Youth performing political street theater exposing torture are jumped on, handcuffed, and arrested at Hunter College in New York City. Oakland high school students are forced to climb over barbed wire fences to leave school to demonstrate to drive out the Bush Regime. At UC Berkeley, home of the Free Speech Movement, activists are banned from campus for protesting against one of the authors of legal documents promoting torture. In Los Angeles, where the school district put out a memo telling administrators not to stop students from leaving school, students had to fight through threats, security guards, and locked doors, and one student activist is under house arrest for passing out flyers for November 2nd.

We can't accept the authorities banning students' protest! These are our youth. They have the right to fight for their future. Are we going to wait until we get to the situation depicted in the movie White Rose --where students under Hitler got executed for passing out protest leaflets? This is a big fight right now, in society. In the weeks to come Revolution will be spotlighting and focusing on ways people are fighting this--this is a crucial battle. Send us reports on the battle, and watch these pages for news on this fight.

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