To College Students: Make Your Winter Break Matter

Revolution #024, November 27, 2005, posted at

"For the College students who have been actively organizing on their Campus or are outraged by the Bush Regime's relentless drive to transform society in a fascist way- come to New York City and Washington D.C. during your Winter Break. We face a future of horrors under this regime and you should be one of the dozens of students who volunteers out of the National Office and mobilizing on the ground in D.C. When Bush stands in front of the world to deliver his State of the Union Address he must be drowned out with an undeniable voice heard around the world of: STEP DOWN, STEP DOWN! BUSH MUST GO! DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME!...

"Young people should do some thinking in these times about what their place is in the larger world and how that relates to changing it. There is something to be learned from the experience of college kids dropping out in their thousands in the 1960s out of disgust at the way this country and the world were being run, shifting their priorities to make changing the world be the main thing in their lives. There is both a defiance and a freedom that students our age tend to have, and this needs to be uncorked and allowed to contribute to truly beautiful and urgently needed things. Its time for young people to step up to the plate and throw in on making the demand 'BUSH: STEP DOWN and Take Your Whole Program with you!' something that can't be ignored in this country. Spend part of your winter in NYC and D.C. to help make it happen.

"The Future is at hand.
What are you gonna do?"

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