What's More Important Than School?

Revolution #024, November 27, 2005, posted at revcom.us

On November 2, students walking out of school all over the country were detained, slapped with truancy charges, transferred out of their schools, held behind padlocked doors, suspended, physically assaulted, and even forced to climb over barbed wire -- all in attempts to prevent them from taking part in the events to drive out the Bush regime. In some cases, administrators even told them that this was for their own good! Nothing was supposedly more important for their future than the lectures and tests they would be getting that day in school.

Meanwhile, on October 28 in Chicago, thousands of kids ditched school to attend the parade to honor the World Series champion White Sox. The Chicago Tribune reported that “teachers and principals played along, letting students skip out early or not show up at all.” The public schools' spokesman approved, saying it was up to individual principals to allow students to dump school. And the Tribune itself called the White Sox parade a celebration “so historic, so mind-bogglingly important, that it trumped anything they could learn in class.”

They can't have it both ways! If that goes for a fucking baseball championship... it goes a MILLION times more for taking history in your hands, fighting for the future, and having the courage to walk out of school to drive out the Bush regime!

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