Chicago and New York City: An Evening of Poets, Actors, Artists, Professors and More Reading from:

From Ike to Mao and Beyond: My Journey from Mainstream America to Revolutionary Communist, A Memoir by Bob Avakian

Revolution #026, December 12, 2005, posted at

Barnes & Noble DePaul Center, Chicago:

Tuesday, December 6, 6PM
Barnes & Noble DePaul Center
1 E. Jackson (State/Jackson)

Guest Readers include:

  • Susan Nussbaum, playwright, actress, director and disability rights activist
  • David Shapiro, actor
  • Dread Scott, artist
  • Jaafar Aksikas, PH.D, Professor of Cultural Studies, Columbia College
  • José Guerrero, artist
  • And a discussion between Raymond Lotta, Maoist political economist, and Martha Quetzal Ceja, Managing Editor of Insight Press.


Labyrinth Books, New York City:

Wednesday, December 7, 7PM
Labryinth Books 536 West 112th St.
(between Broadway and Amsterdam)

Guest Readers include:

  • Aladdin, comedian
  • Gamal Chasten, Universes, poet and playwright
  • Bill Homan, actor
  • More to be announced...

And a discussion between Raymond Lotta, Maoist political economist, and Martha Quetzal Ceja, Managing Editor of Insight Press

Message from the Honorary Co-Hosts

We would like to invite you to a special evening of readings of Bob Avakian�s memoir, From Ike to Mao and Beyond: My Journey From Mainstream America to Revolutionary Communist. The memoir was released nationally in Berkeley in May 2005. It was followed up by another event in LA, and a subsequent book reading in San Francisco was filmed and aired on CSPAN's Book TV.

The NYC event will take place on Wednesday, December 7 at 7:00 pm at Labyrinth Bookstore. The evening will be an opportunity to travel with readers through three unique but interwoven stories. The first tells of a white middle-class kid growing up in �50s America who goes to an integrated high school and has his world turned around; the second of a young man who overcomes a near-fatal disease and jumps with both feet into the heady swirl of Berkeley in the �60s; and the third of a radical activist who matures into a tempered revolutionary communist leader.

Coming from diverse outlooks and perspectives, we are proud to serve as honorary hosts for this celebration. At a very dangerous time in this country it is crucial that voices like Avakian's must be heard, his work and on-going story of his life be engaged with.

We invite you to attend December 7, 7 pm. If you�re interested in participating in or supporting the event, including by adding your name as an honorary host, please contact the event organizers through Insight Press, 917.952.6044.


Honorary Co-Hosts:

  • Dennis Brutus, South African poet and former political prisoner
  • Lister Hewan-Lowe, WBAI Burn "Baby Burn/Clappers 99.5 FM;" WUSB-FM Long Island "Saturday's A Party"
  • Ralph Poynter
  • Miles Solay, Outernational
  • Lynne Stewart, attorney
  • Naomi Wallace, playwright

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"Rethinking The Unthinkable," The Free Press review:

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