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Revolution #027, December 19, 2005, posted at

Thousands of prisoners read Revolution consistently. Hundreds of them have subscribed to it, despite the authorities’ putting their names on lists, harassing them, and in some cases, putting them in isolation. Among the more than two million inmates, the prisons in the USA probably house more Revolution readers than any other comparably sized section of the population.

You can see how much the revolutionary-minded prisoners treasure this paper, not only from the risks they take to get it, but from the letters they send to the Prisoners’ Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF). These letters show the impact that Revolution is having as prisoners study the paper, draw inspiration from it, grapple with the ideas in it, discuss it informally from cell to cell as well as in more formal study circles, and cite it in their correspondence to family and friends. For many prisoners, the paper has become a central reference point in reconstructing their lives. It has been essential to orienting, educating, energizing, and organizing untold numbers of them.

PRLF receives about twenty letters from prisoners every week. On average, about five or six contain subscription requests. All of them need to be filled, and urgently.

Each prisoner subscription costs $20 per year.

PRLF also needs funds to fill prisoners’ requests for Bob Avakian’s works and other Marxist-Leninist-Maoist literature. In order to fullfill all the requests for subscriptions and literature we need tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Finally, PRLF needs money to help wage the battle against censorship. Prison authorities in some states, violating the system’s own laws and court rulings, have been censoring entire issues of Revolution, one after the next. This censorship aims to sever the vital link between the prisoners and the vanguard party. Among the more than two million inmates in US. prisons are many who wil play a crucial role in spreading revolution, not only within the prison walls butin the larger society as well.


Brothers and Sisters:

I have recently subscribed to Revolution. I want to tell you, just the first couple issues I received have blown my mind. It is greatly refreshing to find a publication that not only speaks the truth, but speaks on behalf of the real proletarian. The world desperately needs a voice like the RCP who is bold enough to openly express a real need for revolution. I often wonder what it is going to take to get people to realize what is going on around them. The current fascist regime we live under makes me ill, and I for one have had more than enough of their shit. I refuse to be a slave, or a sheep, or a nice little zoo animal that is just here for their sick amusement. I’m sick of my loved ones having to work 60-70 hours a week just to be able to eat. I’m sick of waking up every morning physically ill at the thought of having to deal with all these warped Gestapo pigs (who I truly believe are Klansmen). Like millions of other brothers and sisters the fascists have taken everything from me, now they want my life.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is exactly what I have been looking for, but I only recently realized it. I must be a part of this, I want to join your Party. I really do have nothing to lose but my chains, and the time for revolution is now. I look forward to hearing from you brothers and sisters.

In struggle,

[Black River Falls, WI]


Hello, how are you? I hope you and all your love are fine and in the best of health. I’m fine considering the circumstances. I received Bob Avakian’s Preaching from a Pulpit of Bones, which I read and enjoyed. For some reason I felt lost a little in the beginning ("The Reality Beneath William Benneett’s ‘Virtues’"). But after "Putting an End to Sin" it all came together. I gained a lot of insight on many aspects of the Bible. I am in the process of buying From Ike to Mao and Beyond and I’ll be looking forward to that read as well. . . . Thank you again and I enjoyed this book and will pass the book around to enlighten brothers as to the Chairman’s message.

In struggle,

[Bradford, PA]



I received your scribe along with the article back in late August or early September and of course read the September 25th issue of the "R."

The Call that's going out to mobilize to drive out the wicked regime was a call that is badly needed and long overdue!

I can't do as much as I would like to do but my goal has always been to share the "R" with everyone! And hope that they can accept the truth and stop pretending... My aim is to share the "R" with as many proletarians as possible. This is something that I have done from day one.

Frederick Douglass said, "The limits of what an oppressor will do to the people is set by the limits of what those people will accept."

My question is this, how much more of this can you accept?

Aluta continua!


Dear Friends of RCP-PRLF,

I have been relocated at a new prison facility. Revolution newspaper is my lifeblood though and so I am writing to notify you good folks there of my new address.

Please make official record of my new address to that I can continue to receive Revolution. I am inspired immensely by Chairman Avakian as well as the other Revolution staff writers. I study and work with ideas on a continuous basis so that at some point I'll be able to serve the revolution and communist state in whichever capacity calls.

I think you for your support of my development. As I've said in opening, the party really is my "lifeblood." Do not hesitate to call upon me for tasks. I am active and committed.




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phone, (773) 227-4188.

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