An Appeal for Funds to Open Office in Washington, D.C.

The Revolutionary Communist Tour Hits D.C.

Revolution #031, January 22, 2006, posted at

Revolution received the following correspondence from Joe Veale and Clyde Young, members of the Revolutionary Communist Speaking Tour.

January 3, 2006

Dear Friends:
The Revolutionary Communist Speaking Tour is in Washington, D.C. Spreading revolution and communism to people in the neighborhoods, the projects, workplaces, college campuses and high schools. Taking this message to mainly Black people on the bottom of society but also to people of all races and nationalities in poor and oppressed neighborhoods as well. The Revolutionary Communists will also take this message to Blacks in the middle class and to people of all races and nationalities amongst the middle class as well.

Challenging and inspiring especially those in the ghettos and barrios to rise up and become part of the international class of gravediggers of this dog-eat-dog system -- and to join the communist cause to emancipate all of humanity.

Calling on them to break with the mental shackles of “bling bling” and “bangin and slangin.” Struggling with them over the argument that what the youth need now is “Black strong men” at the head of the household as the solution to the problems people face. And all this crap about a women’s worth is determine by how sexually appealing she can make herself to men or how many babies she can produce.

Straight up taking to them that we don’t need no non-existent god -- praying to things that don’t exist -- or blaming ourselves for the conditions both physical and mental that the system puts us in -- what we need is the revolutionary scientific understanding of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism that shows us how society and the world actually works -- so that the people who need revolution the most can be the backbone and driving force to bring about the sweeping revolutionary changes that history has brought humanity to the threshold of making.

Hooking them up with the fact that we have a leader, Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party -- who understands that they have this potential and can lead them in making this a reality.

This is the message we have been taking to people in L.A., Chicago, Oakland, Houston and now D.C.

On hearing this message people have been moved, to tears in some instances, saying: “This is what I want my life to be about and this is what my husband on dialysis should be about.

“My life is about nothing and I want to do something positive with it . . . maybe I should quit my job and join this . . . I never heard these kinds of things before . . . it’s about time somebody is out here talking about revolution . . . how can I get more copies of the DVD sampler Revolution: Why It’s Necessary Why It’s Possible, And What It’s All About, by Bob Avakian?” Then people would run down a list of friends and family members who they say “have to watch this.”

People say to us: “I was thinking about joining a Black nationalist organization but now I think I should join the Revolutionary Communist Party.”

Others plead with us to get back to them. Not to forget them. They ask: “Where is the Party located? Do you have an office? . . . I want to discuss these things more with you . . . I want more Revolution newspapers . . . I want to sell them around Anacostia [the southeast ghetto section of D.C.].”

We are being swamped with names of people who want to get down with us on this.

We need an office here in D.C. where people can come to have discussions with Clyde Young and Joe Veale, two of the members of the Revolutionary Communist Speaking Tour. Where they can watch the DVD version of a speech by Bob Avakian. Read the Revolution newspaper. Get bundles of the newspaper to sell to others. A place where people can find the Party. Get organized. And develop and become part of a revolutionary communist movement in society that can contend with all the other dead-end traps that the system has out there for people, all that entre-manure mess, “get rich or die trying trap.” A place where people can learn what the revolution is all about. How it is possible. The potential role of masses on the bottom of society becoming leaders of the cause. A place where they begin to learn what it means to be an emancipator of humanity. A place where they can go out from to inspire and rally others to this great revolutionary cause.

To do this funds are urgently needed. Thousands and thousands of dollars are urgently needed to carry out the all-round work of the Revolutionary Communist Speaking Tour. Funds are needed for materials--the Revolution newspaper, the DVD of a major speech by Bob Avakian, books and other revolutionary literature, for office equipment including a computer to use for internet access, DVD players, and for food and shelter for the organizers of the Revolutionary Communist Speaking Tour. And we need funds in order to mobilize thousands of basic proletarians and others to the January 31 and February 4 actions of World Can't Wait, Drive Out the Bush Regime

Please give generously and quickly to this cause.

Checks and money orders can be made out to “RC4 Speaking Tour” and sent to the tour National Office at P.O. Box 941, Knickerbocker Station, New York, NY 10002-0900.

Contact the Revolutionary Communist Tour in Washington DC at (202) 486-3639, email RC4_tour_DC@

Yours in struggle,

Joe Veale and Clyde Young