Call to Join the Great Walk Against Anti-Women Punitive Laws in Iran's Islamic Republic on March 8th 2006!

Revolution #038, March 12, 2006, posted at

If you are against death by stoning!

If you are against forced veiling!

If you are against prosecution and imprisonment of women!

If you are against lashing a woman’s body!

If you are against any form of patriarchy!

If you are against all the medieval laws of Iran’s Islamic Republic of Iran imposing inequality against women!

Join the great walk against anti women laws in Iran’s Islamic Republic on March 8th 2006!

For over 25 years one of the most anti women governments of the world has ruled Iran. A government whose fundamental existence is based upon oppressive laws securing domination of women.

For over 25 years Iranian women have struggled and resisted against poverty and injustice in the political, cultural and economical aspects of life . Women have endured being lashed, stoned to death , jailed, tortured and executed, but they have not surrendered to the medieval laws of Iran’s Islamic Republic.

March 8th 2006 is a time to show, once more our solidarity with the relentless struggles of Iranian women. We should make this day, a day for expressing exciting and magnificent exhibitions of solidarity against the anti- woman system of Iran’s Islamic Republic.

We, the women of the "Campaign for the abolition of all Legislation confirming inequality and imposing Islamic punishment on Iranian Women", will observe International women’s day, by organising a great walk from Germany to Holland.

This rally is the right place for :

Any woman, who feels brutalised by hearing news that her sisters are stoned to death in Iran.

Any woman, who has felt the bitterness of punishment by lashing simply for defending the right to choose her own clothes.

Any woman, who refuses to surrender to inferiority and inequality.

Any woman, who fights for the right to control her own body.

Any woman, who is struggling for the right to determine her own destiny.

Any woman who believes in a woman’s right to divorce, the right to travel, the right of choice, the right of custody and all other basic human rights.

Any woman, who is not willing to submit to the medieval laws of the Islamic Republic.

Any woman who wants to abolish the interference of religion in all aspects of political and social life, in particular when it concerns women’s lives.

In this rally, there is a place for all freedom loving women and men, all political and progressive and revolutionary forces, who want equality between men and women in every aspects of life, a place for all those who oppose gender discrimination in any form.

Freedom loving men and women!

Your active participation in this walk will resonate the voice of the just struggles of Iranian women. We want this voice to be heard throughout the world, and we want to mobilise the International women’s movement against world Imperialism, the main protector of male chauvinism in every corner of this world.

Let us play our role in burying this medieval regime, by joining in solidarity with the struggles of Iranian people.

Let us pay our respect to the needs and demands of Iranian women whose struggles have become the shining example of these struggles. No doubt the degree of progress and freedom in any society is measured by the rights and liberty of women in that society.

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