Correspondence from “Conservative Kansas”

Distributing Revolution in the Midst of Immigrants' Struggle

Wichita KS, like all major cities across the country, came out to rally against the racist and inhumane propositions proposed by the powers that be. We had over 5,000 vibrant souls screaming SI SE PUEDE according to our police department. Of course on the frontlines it seemed like much more...I know it was much more because there was a perpetual stream of people coming to the rally even as it was reaching its would be impossible to place an accurate estimate on the number of people. Of course being in conservative Kansas we had some fascist fucks come out and counter our message, though their few numbers (maybe 6 total people, scattered, and unassociated) was counter-productive to their cause. They illustrated that we are the voice of the community, that the power is in our hands, and that their racist bullshit was no match for our truth. I distributed REVOLUTION and the people were really into it.

I'm doing what I can to raise funds for the paper, but it is so easy to give them away to first time readers. Many Latino kids at my high school first became aware of the paper as I assisted them in organizing a walkout (we had around 700 kids rally downtown) and are now frequent readers who are becoming willing to pay for their copies. I'm in class as I write this so I have to wrap it up with some haste. Summary in short: Much progress on the immigration front here in Wichita KS and as a result the paper is becoming pretty popular among neighborhood Latino youth.

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