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Still Winter in New Orleans

“Seven months after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is a city of “withouts.” Buildings without roofs, neighborhoods without residents. People without homes, houses without electricity. Kids without schools, teachers without classrooms. Doctors without hospitals, sick people without medicine. A government without solutions, official promises without results.”

“The devastation in New Orleans is incredibly widespread and deeply heartbreaking. You can drive all over the city—from the poor Black 9th Ward, to middle class areas to white working class neighborhoods—through mile after mile of empty homes. Bodies are still being found. Endless piles of bits and pieces of people's lives, strewn about the ground. People sleeping in their cars. A tent city in the park where immigrants and workers of all nationalities are living, looking for work. Some people have come back to their neighborhoods. But hurricane season starts in June and the levees are still not fixed.”

--- From Still Winter in New Orleans

a photo essay by Li Onesto

Li Onesto has produced a deeply moving photo essay from her trip to New Orleans. Travel with Li as she brings to life through her photographs the hard realities, deep injustices, revolutionary lessons and potential brought forward in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. These photos don't just capture the destruction of New Orleans and failure of this system, but capture the humanity and heroism of the people.

This photo essay by Li Onesto is available only at and will soon include audio narration.

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