Revolution #51, June 18, 2006

Palestinians at Gaza Beach Killed in Cold Blood by Israeli Military

June 9—It was a nice warm day; school kids who had just finished their exams had come to the beach in northern Gaza Strip to enjoy the sunshine. Suddenly the seaside turned into a hellish scene of carnage when Israeli artillery shells exploded among the people. An AP news report said, “The artillery fire scattered body parts, destroyed a tent, and sent bloody sheets flying into the air.” Seven people were killed, and more than 40 wounded. Among the dead were five members of the Ghaliya family: Ali and Raisa, the parents; and their children, ages 1, 3, and 10.

In an eyewitness report posted on the BBC News website, Gaza journalist Sami Yousef wrote:

“There were people lying on the ground badly injured, crying. There were remains scattered along the beach. Three children were there, two with severe deep cuts in their heads. One girl was just screaming, crying out for her father: ‘Dad, my dad.’

“It was a terrible scene, with blood everywhere. We could see a [Israeli] gunship in middle of sea, so we knew what had happened. The medics arrived and started moving the bodies away. I helped them. It was shocking…

“This was a place where people came to enjoy themselves, somewhere away from the crowds and trouble. A few hours later Israeli jets made sonic booms in the air over Gaza.”

In September 2005, the Israeli occupiers moved to “disengage” from the Gaza Strip, dismantling their settlements and military installations. The Bush regime declared this a step toward “peace.” But the Israeli move had nothing to do with “peace” and everything to do with locking up the 1.5 million Palestinians in one big prison—while annexing more Palestinian land in the West Bank.

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