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Revolution #58, August 27, 2006


A year ago, people across the U.S. and even around the world watched in shock and horror as tens of thousands of people were abandoned, shot at, left to drown and die in the streets, dissed, and abused in New Orleans. Now one year later, the eyes of the world will be refocused on New Orleans. What will they see? Will New Orleans be a sea of mass struggle that reflects a determination to never forgive and never forget the crimes this system perpetrated in the wake of the hurricane? Will that struggle be echoed by actions that people mount around the country in solidarity with the people of New Orleans in outrage at those same crimes?

Today, one year after the hurricane, there’s a battle on to shape the summation of Katrina, a battle that has huge implications for the future. Volunteers from around the country have come to New Orleans to spend 2 weeks injecting Revolutionary Communism into this battle. The volunteers have hit the ground running, distributing 2800 copies of Revolution newspaper at the premier of Spike Lee’s HBO documentary on Katrina, When The Levees Broke. They also got out “Wanted” T-shirts and posters and engaged people over the new talks by Bob Avakian. Since that premier, these youth and others have been going throughout New Orleans tapping into the anger that people here feel. They’re going into the projects, onto college campuses and out to the clubs, distributing samplers of Bob Avakian’s historic talk, Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible and What It’s All About. They’re distributing black armbands for people to wear to symbolize their rage at the horrors inflicted on tens of thousands of people in the wake of Katrina and the continuing horrors as the Bush Regime and other ruling-class figures enforce a rebuilding plan for New Orleans that will make it smaller, whiter, and more sanitized—a Disneyland with a little bit of Mardi Gras flavor.

Carl Dix, the National Spokesperson of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and one of the featured speakers in the Revolutionary Communist 4 Speaking Tour, is one of these volunteers.. He’s going out to people, struggling with representatives of different organizations, doing media work, and engaging the masses of people broadly—taking out a message that this system is responsible for all the horrors people face in the US and around the world and that it’ll take proletarian revolution and going on to a classless communist world to deal with these problems once and for all. These volunteers are helping raise people’s sights to the system that’s responsible for the outrages of Katrina, the war in Iraq and all the other foul things imperialism is inflicting on the planet. And they’re bringing to people the future that can be brought into being through proletarian revolution and the leader we have in Bob Avakian to lead the masses in doing that. They’re aiming at leaving in their wake seeds of revolutionary organization.

To do all this requires tremendous amounts of money! Already thousands of dollars have been spent for airfare and other travel expenses. Money is needed for living expenses for the volunteers, for materials, and other organizing expenses over this 2-week period. Your assistance is urgently needed to seize on the potential in this situation to make a real leap in transforming the situation in a way more favorable to the prospects for revolution and communism.

Checks can be made out to:
RC 4 Speaking Tour, with a notation that they are for New Orleans volunteers.

For contributions of $100 or more where a tax deduction is desired, make out your check to:
A Gathering of the Tribes d/b/a RC 4 Speaking Tour.

Send your checks to:
RC 4 Speaking Tour,
PO Box 941,
Knickerbocker Station,
NY, NY 10002-0900.

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