Revolution #63, October 1, 2006


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An Open Appeal to Immigrants and the Immigrant Rights Movement from Activists within the Movement and Others:

October 5: Bring Your Spirit and Determination Into the Struggle to Drive Out the Bush Regime

Immigrants are in the crosshairs of the Bush regime. All the bills in Congress and new laws are unacceptable: the Bush guest worker program, the use of military against immigrants inside the US and at the border, “show me your papers” police state, massive detention camps, mandatory detention, biometric identification cards, legalized apartheid, driving people to their death at the border. THE MEGAMARCHES THIS SPRING SHOWED THE SPIRIT AND DETERMINATION TO STOP THESE ATTACKS. THAT SAME SPIRIT MUST INFUSE THE OUTPOURING ON OCTOBER 5 TO BRING THE CRIMES OF THE BUSH REGIME TO A HALT!

Why? Because we know that, while these measures start with immigrants, they are a threat to everyone. Look at how all this fits into the Bush program:

The Bush crime regime has increased its “war on terror” against everyone in the US, stripping away rights under the Patriot Act and using the war against immigrants as another tool to take away more… criminalizing undocumented immigrants and anyone who offers them aid or assistance.

The Bush crime regime violates international law and the Geneva Convention, justifying torture used against detainees here, in Iraq, and Guantánamo in their illegal and immoral wars.

The Bush crime regime lied to people here and around the world to justify their immoral war against Iraq and is now planning to attack Iran, even threatening to use nuclear weapons. And our children are preyed upon by military recruiters to supply their troops… the world is not safer because of Bush’s “war on terror,” it is has become more dangerous than ever since he launched his war on Iraq.

Everyday the Bush regime moves closer to denying women here and around the world the right to birth control and abortion.

We need more than fighting Bush’s outrages one at a time, constantly losing ground to the whole onslaught. We do not have to stand alone; we must join together against the regime that threatens us all.

There is a way, there is a day! Join us, mobilize to bring family and friends out on October 5, a national day of resistance—no buying, no selling, no work, walking out of school. On October 5, we must bring this to a halt! Drive Out the Bush Regime…Because the World Can’t Wait!

Go to or call 866-973-4463.

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Appeal Drafted by:

Fr. Luis Barrios, Associate Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, World Can’t Wait National Steering Committee, New York, NY
Jesse Díaz, Jr., March 25 Coalition, UC-Riverside, Los Angeles, CA
Lee Siu Hin, National Coordinator, National Immigrant Solidarity Network, Los Angeles, CA
Travis Morales, World Can’t Wait, Washington, DC
Carlos Pérez, Founder, Mayan Calendar News, Co-Founder, March 10th Movement, Chicago, IL

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