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Meet Bob Avakian

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Meet Bob Avakian

Bob Avakian is the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. And he is more than that: he’s an innovative and critical thinker who has taken Marxism to a new place; he’s a provocative commentator on everything from basketball to religion, doo-wop music to science; and he’s a pit-bull fighter against oppression who’s kept both his solemn sense of purpose and his irrepressible sense of humor.
We invite you to meet this revolutionary leader through excerpts from two of his books: his memoir, From Ike to Mao and Beyond: My Journey from Mainstream America to Revolutionary Communist; and his collection of essays, Observations on Art and Culture, Science and Philosophy.
And we urge you to go to or here on this site to hear an important recent series of talks which explore communist theory and apply it to a breathtaking range of questions, including political questions which are urgently and sharply posed in today’s situation.

What People Are Saying
About Bob Avakian

From Ike to Mao and Beyond
My Journey from Mainstream America to Revolutionary Communist
A Memoir by Bob Avakian

From Chapter Four
High School: Street Corner Symphonies

From Chapter Twenty-Seven
Perseverance, and Inspiration

Bob Avakian: Observations on Art and Culture, Science and Philosophy

Three Alternative Worlds

Listen to 7 Talks
by Bob Avakian


Why It’s Necessary — Why It’s Possible — What It’s All About


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What Humanity Needs
From Ike to Mao and Beyond