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We received this letter from two Revolution correspondents:

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Dear Friends,

Repression is hitting hard against a powerful struggle that has rocked Oaxaca for months and inspired many people throughout Mexico and other parts of the world. Now more than ever there is a need to hear from the people who have been fighting with such determination, to bring to light the government-inflicted terror currently unfolding, and to get a deeper understanding of how people are confronting these new challenges and what the implications of all this are for emancipatory struggle on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border. So, we’re heading to Oaxaca!

This December we have the opportunity to travel with a delegation whose mission is to bring international attention to the situation in Oaxaca. We’ll be finding out what’s happening there now, interviewing people who have been part of the struggle, and hearing from human rights groups and others. While we’re there investigating, documenting, and learning, we’ll also be writing—watch for our articles and updates. We are encouraging everyone to follow our journey and repost these articles broadly.

What we know going into this is quite sobering. Hundreds have been arrested, unknown numbers disappeared, and there are rampant stories of torture. The U.S.-endorsed Calderón regime that came to power on December 1 is making chilling promises to suppress any movements that break the “social peace.” It is unclear how all of this is going to develop, including how people will respond to this repression in Oaxaca and beyond. In this moment of uncertainty, where far too few people in the U.S. are even aware of this significant and inspiring struggle, we are looking forward to bringing to the world the stories from Oaxaca. Upon our return we’ll be ready speak to classes and other groups and gatherings about what we’ve learned.

To accomplish what we’re setting out to do, we need your support. Primarily and urgently, we need funds to finance all this. We also need you to spread the word—pass on our articles, send them out to your listserves and e-mail lists and arrange speaking engagements in neighborhoods, schools, bookstores, etc.

Send donations to:
RCP Publications
attn: Oaxaca reportage
PO Box 3486
Chicago, IL 60654

Luciente Zamora and Nina Armand


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