Revolution #85, April 22, 2007

Support and Build the MAY 1 Demos

On May 1 immigrants will be taking to the streets in many U.S. cities, protesting the repression now going on against immigrants and demanding change.

This is a very positive and important development. Immigrants who come out that day will be announcing to the world their refusal to be treated as slaves and criminals. They will be taking great risks to build these demonstrations and go to them. And they will be going straight up against the whole ideological and political offensive, and the wave of brutal repression, that has been visited on them in the past year.

We call on all our readers to begin making plans now to come out that day. Think what power it could add to these demonstrations if, marching side by side with immigrants, were many students and youth of all nationalities; contingents of Black people; different movements struggling for justice; prominent people from the arts and sciences; and all kinds of other native-born people. Think about the way that would throw this whole year of anti-immigrant offensive back in the face of the rulers and the fascist vigilantes. Think about the heart that would give to the immigrants themselves. Think about the way that could raise everybody’s sights above the muck and mire of the daily hustle, and past the divisions and apathy instilled by this system. And think about how it could help get a different dynamic going in society. A day like that could become a big part of hastening things in a revolutionary direction.

May 1 is the international holiday of the proletariat. It is a day in particular when the revolutionary aims of the proletariat—for a world without classes and class divisions and all that goes with that, and for a revolution to get to that world—are renewed and declared. On that day, distributors and regular readers of Revolution should not only march, but boldly get out this newspaper by the tens of thousands and more. This should include last week’s special issue on Bob Avakian, along with other revolutionary materials.

Make plans now! Get in touch with us and order your papers and other materials for May 1. And stay tuned to these pages and our website for more information.

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