Revolution #85, April 22, 2007

World Can't Wait Aims to Distribute 1 Million Copies of Its Call

The organization World Can't Wait—Drive Out the Bush Regime! (WCW) is calling on people all over to distribute a million copies of its call by April 30. (See text of the Call on Every person who supports WCW and everyone who is a new visitor to their website,, is being called on to pledge to distribute 100-500 or more copies and to get others to sign the Call. lists various ideas to spread the Call far and wide: get it into your local and campus papers; print it as a poster and ask stores to post it; get the word out to everyone on your email lists and ask friends to distribute and sign the Call; go to your church, union, or professional association and have them endorse and sign it and send it out to their elists.

WCW is aiming to spark widespread discussion, debate, and action off of the broad distribution of the Call, to create “a situation in which millions of people bounce off this Call to determine how they should think and act.” From “The world faces a grave emergency. The very nature of U.S. society and its relationship to other countries are being reshaped in a horrific ways before our eyes, including now escalating the war in Iraq and threatening Iran with nuclear weapons. Yet the full implications of these sweeping changes are not widely understood, even among those who oppose the Bush administration. This must change and resistance must grow.”

To pledge to distribute the Call and to download the PDF, go to

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