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Analyzing the U.S. Threats Against Iran

News flash: On April 18, Republican senator and presidential candidate John McCain, responding to someone at a Veterans of Foreign Wars hall in South Carolina who asked when the U.S. was going to “send an air mail message to Teheran,” began by singing “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys song “Barbara Ann.”

As the U.S. occupation of Iraq produces new horrors every day, the Bush regime is continuing on a trajectory toward more confrontation and possible war with Iran. Not a week goes by without some new report about U.S. preparations for a military strike or yet another outrageous threat against Iran from the mouth of a ruling class representative, Republican and Democrat. A U.S. war on Iran would cause massive death and destruction and further accelerate the very negative dynamic of McWorld/McCrusade vs Jihad--two reactionary and historically outmoded poles which are opposed but also reinforce each other.

Last week's issue of Revolution included two articles that are very relevant to getting a deeper materialist understanding of this whole situation, and we urge everyone to check them out at

* Part 2 of Bob Avakian's talk “Bringing Forward Another Way,” which contains the section “The Danger of War Against Iran.” The entire talk, which is currently running as a series in Revolution, is available at

* “The Britain-Iran 'Hostage' Faceoff & the Trajectory Toward Confrontation and War,” by Larry Everest.

Other recent articles by Larry Everest on Iran and the Middle East include:

* “No Good Choices in the Halls of Power: Democrats Vote $100 Billion to Continue the War,” issue #83 (online version)

* “The Silence of the Dems: U.S. Threats Against Iran and the Imperialist Logic of Escalation,” issue #82

* “U.S. Threats Against Iran: War Plans—and Pretexts—in Place,” issue #80

* “Bush Regime Surges—Toward War with Iran,” issue #78

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