Revolution #87, May 6, 2007


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Articles Analyzing the U.S. Threats Against Iran

As the U.S. occupation of Iraq produces new horrors every day, the Bush regime is continuing on a trajectory toward more confrontation and possible war with Iran. Issue #85 of Revolution included two articles that are very relevant to getting a deeper materialist understanding of this whole situation, and we urge everyone to check them out at

* Part 2 of Bob Avakian's talk “Bringing Forward Another Way,” which contains the section “The Danger of War Against Iran.” The entire talk, which is currently running as a series in Revolution, is available at

* “The Britain-Iran 'Hostage' Faceoff & the Trajectory Toward Confrontation and War,” by Larry Everest.

Other recent articles by Larry Everest on Iran and the Middle East include:

* “No Good Choices in the Halls of Power: Democrats Vote $100 Billion to Continue the War,” issue #83 (online version)

* “The Silence of the Dems: U.S. Threats Against Iran and the Imperialist Logic of Escalation,” issue #82

* “U.S. Threats Against Iran: War Plans—and Pretexts—in Place,” issue #80

* “Bush Regime Surges—Toward War with Iran,” issue #78

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