Revolution #92, June 17, 2007

Rostock, Germany: Anti-G8 Protesters Confront Imperialist Powers

Anti-G8 protesters blockade the road to the G8 summit at Heiligendamm, near Rostock, Germany.. [Photo: Indymedia]

Tens of thousands of protesters confronted the G8 (Group of 8) summit held June 6-8 in the Baltic seaport town of Heiligendamm, near Rostock, Germany. The G8 is made up of the world’s main imperialist powers, and this year’s summit was attended by all the heads of these countries, including Bush. People came from all over Europe and beyond to protest the crimes, inequalities, and injustices of imperialist globalization.

On June 2,, before the G8 summit began, youth clashed with police in the streets of Rostock after the police attacked a large march and concert. In the following days, protesters blocked roads and rail lines heading into the summit area, in the face of heavy police repression. A June 5 report on the ( said: “As hundreds of G8 delegates arrived in the area on Wednesday (June 6), mass blockades interrupted their arrival at the fenced security zone. Thousands of activists blocked most of the routes leading to the G8 meeting venue in Heiligendamm. Over 10,000 people blocked the fence gates and 'breached' the newly declared no-demonstration zone around the fence. In the evening, police violently dispersed one of the blockades, while others were continuing with several thousand people still on the streets. Other activists were protesting in the streets surrounding the Rostock-Laage airport. Late in the evening, more than 1,000 people on three blockades decided to stay overnight.”

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