Revolution #95, July 15, 2007


In the article “Hugo Chavez Has an Oil Strategy…But Can This Lead to Liberation?”, Revolution #94, dated July 1, 2007:

* On page 9, left column, first paragraph after the intro—the first sentence should read: “In 1997, the year before he was elected president, Hugo Chavez took on the old elite this way:”

* On page 9, first paragraph of the article, the fourth sentence should read: “Today, almost 90 percent of Venezuela’s population lives in the cities and half of the population of Caracas lives in slums.”

* On page 10, middle column, third full paragraph—the third sentence should read: “But the other side of the equation is more telling, illustrating an aspect of structural dependency : that 12 percent share of U.S. oil imports accounted for by Venezuela represents 60 percent of Venezuela’s total oil exports!11”

These errors were corrected on the web version of the article on July 6.

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