Revolution #98, August 19, 2007

Next Week: Special Issue on Katrina Anniversary Plus Campus Supplement

This August 29 marks the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. No one should ever forget the images of people stranded on rooftops…wading through poisoned waters, and sometimes drowning…suffering in stadiums…and then facing police bullets as they tried to escape.

Instead of meeting the needs of the people, this system stranded them and condemned them to die or suffer. Then this same system dispersed and exiled them out of their life-long homes and communities. And the horror and attacks on the people go on, two years later.

The days leading up to this anniversary must be marked by people calling out this crime. The truth about the real conditions of the people from New Orleans, and their real needs and demands, must come out much more clearly into the light of day. People must be talking everywhere about what Katrina shows about this system—its whole history and current day practices and the ugly future it holds in store—and how we can fight this, as part of building a revolutionary movement. And on the 29th itself this should find expression in outpourings of protest and struggle, in New Orleans and all over, marking a determination to resist everything Katrina represents.

To help build and spark such an effort, Revolution is devoting much of its next issue to Katrina. We call on our readers to take many extra copies of the paper and to get them out everywhere you can. Use the paper itself to spark and spread resistance. The paper will be available August 21, and will be out for two full weeks; the next issue will come out September 4.

The issue that is available on August 21 will also contain an important “supplement” aimed at the colleges and universities, dealing with the intense attack on critical thinking now going on on campus (and described in articles on pages 7 and 10 in this issue). This supplement will be available beginning next week and then for the next six weeks after. Get to know which colleges begin registration and orientation next week and make sure to spread the word and to get out this issue.

Katrina—Never Forgive and Never Forget!

Make August 29 a Day of Remembrance…and Political Resistance!

Defend Critical Thinking—and Spread Revolution to the Campuses!

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