Revolution #104, October 14, 2007

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Talking About Jena…and the impact of Revolution Newspaper

Editor’s note: In the midst of our $500,000 expansion and distribution drive, we thought readers would be interested in what three young women from Berkeley High School who attended the march to Free the Jena 6 in Jena, Louisiana on September 20 had to say about Revolution newspaper. The following is taken from a longer interview about their trip to Jena:

Sanghia: I first heard about the Jena 6 case on BET and I didn’t really know about Revolution newspaper until a met someone organizing the bus for Jena. But now I see through reading Revolution that it talks about a lot of stuff that nobody else is talking about so I think more people should read it, including me. Another person on the trip was just busting out with information, and I’d ask “where did that come from” and she’d say “don’t you know?”

Maya: Revolution has really opened my eyes to a lot of stuff that’s going on and a lot of issues that I wasn’t aware of. I think it’s good that you are putting this newspaper out. It should be passed out at high schools so students are able to read it and find out what is going on. A lot of students didn’t know and some still don’t know about the Jena 6. They say, “You went to Louisiana, why?” And I say, “Because of what happened.” And they say, “What happened?” And then they say, “Are you serious.” So I say go to this site and read it.

Lei’Jeaux: Before Jena I wasn’t aware of it. When we were on the bus occasionally we would break out into discussion or someone would read some passages from Revolution and what was in there would really get us pumped up, like OK we’re on that. It’s like words of inspiration and Revolution really helps to bring people forward. When I heard some sections of the paper being read, I was like, what? It really gets to you and really gets you want to get involved in what’s going on. That newspaper is great. I’m really trying to inform people and I’m glad that so many people took advantage of it at the rally. People were coming up saying, “Let me get five of those.” I think it’s a wonderful newspaper.

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