Revolution #104, October 14, 2007

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World Can’t Wait:


The following information about the Declare It Now: Wear Orange! campaign is from World Can’t Wait—Drive Out the Bush Regime. Their website is

FRIDAY October 12 Orange Friday
Demand NO WAR on Iran

If you’re against George Bush attacking Iran, it doesn’t count unless you Declare It Now. Show it by wearing and displaying orange at work, school, at the mall or the movies, on this day, all together. At 5 p.m., get into the streets, or in front of the biggest TV station or newspaper with signs and determination, saying, NO ATTACK on Iran, no way!

We Are What We’ve Been Waiting For

If ever there was a time to step outside the boundaries of what “common wisdom” accepts as possible, this is it. We need—the whole world needs—a movement of massive and powerful RESISTANCE, a movement that begins to wrench the future of humanity out of the blood drenched hands of the likes of Bush and Cheney and puts it in the hands of the people. A movement that unseats a sitting president, and creates a new atmosphere of liberating, fierce, and joyous struggle in the place of the suffocating acquiescence to endless atrocities that exists today.

A groundswell of orange, assisted and amplified by the voices of prominent people and musicians wearing and promoting orange on TV, radio, and on stage at concerts can break people out of this conundrum where millions are just furious but still numbed and rendered inactive by the complicity of the loyal opposition Party and by the anaesthetizing effects of the presidential elections.

The world has been waiting…but the world can’t wait any longer. Can’t wait for a massive movement to arise, determined to make the sacrifices and take the risks; to overcome the obstacles, to show the courage and heart so urgently in demand today; to cry out “enough”—of the unjust wars, the threats of further wars, the mass destruction of entire cities and neighborhoods, the grotesque torture and endless imprisonment, the steady encroachment of a police state of pervasive and permanent government spying, the relentless poisoning of this planet and the very things that make life sustainable. The World Can’t Wait for a movement that has the focus, energy, and resolve to Drive Out the Bush Regime. The world has been waiting—and we are what we’ve been waiting for.



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