Revolution#111, December 9, 2007

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Giuliani Time

The film Giuliani Time, now available on DVD, is a must see for people around the country. As mayor, Giuliani gave the police a green light to commit atrocities and murders—including the killings of Amadou Diallo (an unarmed man shot by police who fired 41 bullets, 19 of them hitting Amadou) and Patrick Dorismond (shot to death when he denounced men who turned out to be undercover police for trying to buy drugs). Giuliani claims credit for making New York “safe” through his war on “squeegee men,” panhandlers, and the homeless. He reinforced the segregation of the school system. He tried to shut down an art exhibit he didn’t like, and regularly opposed permits for demonstrations. Some of the most damning testimony in this documentary comes from former members of Rudy Giuliani’s own administration.

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