Revolution#114, December 30, 2007

Jena Update

Fifteen lawmakers from the Congressional Black Caucus have asked Louisiana Governor Blanco for clemency on behalf of Mychal Bell and the other five youth of the Jena 6. Blanco has in effect denied this request. Her spokeswoman told the press that she could not grant pardons without a recommendation from the Louisiana Pardon Board. Their next meeting is January 17 and Blanco is leaving office on January 14.

White separatists still plan to march in Jena on January 21, Martin Luther King Day. And now they are suing the city of Jena, claiming their constitutional rights are being violated—because the city has asked them not to bring firearms and is requiring them to post a bond. These white racists have already called on people to bring NOOSES to the march and now they are fighting for the right to march through the city with guns! IT IS WAY PAST TIME WHEN THE PEOPLE CAN TOLERATE VIGILANTE RACISTS RUNNING AMOK AND TERRORIZING BLACK PEOPLE!

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Kluckers Threaten Jena March—Opposing White Supremacy... and Getting To a Far Better World.”


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