Revolution#118, February 3, 2008

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My Starting Point As Well As My Gauge

Revolutionary Regards,

Just checkin’ in, sending my love and wishing you well on the fund drive. The paper is real crucial in my aim and ability to reach out to other captives. So it’s always welcomed and I’m always anticipating its arrival.

I ask myself often how do I best go about applying our communist ideology, methodology and ethics as to win over other men here. Always in anticipation that we will be able to do great things here, that we will be able to build bridges from the hellholes here to actually participating in the struggle as dictated by actual circumstances in society. We have to see past these walls.

Many things have taken place for us all these last few years. We’ve seen so many setbacks and overall, from where I sit, the repression is coming down hard on all dissidents. On all liberties, even some of the token gains that the older heads have fought for, Roe vs. Wade, scientific teachings, etc. etc. ad nauseum. And then too, there’s all our personal battles with life in capitalistic America. And in the urban areas and oppressed communities, and definitely here inside the prison complexes.

If we don’t learn to connect the dots, we’ll fall into bourgeois individualism or equally bad, become apathetic or even scared to rebel at all. So how to uphold the correct orientation in our daily lives is no easy task.

Repression has made the bravest soldier turn around. We’ve seen the Panthers lose sight, lose hope, and ultimately lose life. We’ve seen what the state can do. And here in these death camps, we’ve seen the unchecked barbarity these monsters are capable of.

But, as long as we’re willing to embrace a new day, we must be willing to lay down the bricks along the road toward freedom for us all.…And for that we must do our part. So for me it’s the paper and Party literature that’s been my starting point as well as my gauge.

No reason for writing, just wanted to say “What that communism like!” Send my love and many thanks for everything.

In struggle

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