Revolution #119, February 10, 2008

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“A lot of room for people to be creative in many ways”

Editors’ note: This letter was selected from reader comments and correspondence to Revolution. We’re printing it (and will continue to print more correspondence) to give readers a sense of the letters sent to Revolution, and to spark more interactivity between this paper and readers, and among readers. Selecting and printing letters does not imply that we agree, or disagree, with them.

I wanted to comment on the article on the WGA Strike and why it matters. I liked the article a lot, so this is a very secondary, but I think important, point to make. In the section “Future Society and Unfettering the Imagination,” there is a tendency I think to narrow the kind of creativity and ferment that will be encouraged to blossom into two paths—criticism of the socialist regime and promoting it. There will be much, much more going on than that from artists and others who have neither of those intentions (although ultimately they will come down on one path or the other). My point is that there will be a lot of room for people to be creative in many ways and some will seem totally irrelevant to what is taking place in society (and there should be discussion over that as well). Formulating it in the way the article does could give the impression that all art will be evaluated based on the political standard (for or against); and even while it talks about socialist society encouraging all kinds of creativity and ferment, it could actually stifle those people who have not yet developed a conscious political or ideological position. Anyway, just a thought I wanted to pass on.


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