Revolution #119, February 10, 2008

January 31 Protests:

“Drive OUT the Bush Regime!”

On Thursday, January 31, in response to a call from The World Can’t Wait–Drive Out the Bush Regime, there were protest actions in cities across the country. Updated reports on the protests are online at


Berkeley, January31. [Photo: Revolution]

Berkeley—Protesters rallied at the downtown Marine Corps recruiting center to demand that it be shut down. Among those joining the action was Berkeley City Councilman Maxwell Anderson. A waterboarding demonstration, to protest torture by the U.S., was conducted in the middle of the street. The Marine recruiters had closed the station early, so the protesters came back the next morning. An orange “No Torture” banner was hung from the awning in front of the office, and videotape (symbolizing the destroyed CIA torture tapes) was draped around the center. Three people who chained themselves to the front of the center were arrested, saying they would not go along with business as usual in a torture state. Earlier in the week, the City Council officially declared that the Marine recruiters are “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” and encouraged the group Code Pink to protest in front of the station.


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