Israeli Terror: A List

Revolutionary Worker #1202, June 8, 2003, posted at

We received the following from the A World to Win News Service.

26 May 2003. A World to Win News Service.With every suicide bomb that strikes in Israel, the Western media screams with rage and indignation about "terrorism." This is another stark illustration of the hypocrisy and double standards that mark every aspect of the way imperialism handles the issue of Palestine. For it is an undeniable fact that in Palestine mainly the blood has flowed one way: for every Israeli killed, their stormtroopers have murdered about three Palestinians--a one to three ratio that continues today. Not to mention that one side is fighting for liberation and the other occupation. How does the U.S. react? While every attack on Israel is met by U.S. demands that the Palestinians "stop the terror," Israel's far bloodier attacks meet with "U.S. understanding" of Israel's "need to defend itself." Here is a list of simply some of Israel's attacks on Palestinians in the Occupied Territories in the six weeks immediately following the announcement of the "roadmap." It should be noted that this is a list that includes only killings. The instances where Israeli forces have bulldozed homes and arrested activists would be too numerous to list, and occur almost daily. (Based on reports by the British Independent and Guardian , and the Palestinian Authority web site.)

19 May : Israeli troops killed a Palestinian child and wounded 14 others north of Gaza Strip.

16 May : A Palestinian youth was killed Friday early morning during a Israeli military onslaught on Rafah city, east of Gaza Strip.

15 May : Israeli occupation forces gunned down five Palestinians during the second deadly Gaza Strip raid in as many days.

14 May : Israeli occupation forces (IOF) killed early Wednesday three Palestinians and wounded more than 30 others in two separate incidents south of the Gaza Strip. The three killed were Palestinian policemen shot by Israeli undercover units.

12 May : Three killed in Rafah and Khan Younis and another in Qalqilya.

9 May : A Palestinian toddler was killed Wednesday when Israeli tanks opened fire at residential neighborhoods in the southern Gaza Strip town of Khan Younis.

3 May : Israeli forces kill UK cameraman James Miller in the Gaza Strip.

1 May : Israeli forces kill 15 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza during a major punitive incursion.

21 April : A Palestinian schoolboy was shot dead in Qalqilia.

20 April : Israeli forces shot dead 7 Palestinians in a major military incursion into the West Bank.

18 April : Three Palestinian children were shot dead by Israeli forces in Rafah.

16 April : Israeli forces carried out an extra-judicial execution of a suspected "terrorist" in Hebron.

13 April : Two Palestinian civilians were killed, one in Hebron, one in Gaza.

12 April : Tom Hurndal, with the International Solidarity Movement, is shot by an Israeli sniper and lies brain dead. Later, when his parents come to visit him in a Gaza hospital, Israeli troops deliberately fire on their car.

10 April : 13 Palestinians are killed in Gaza during another Israeli punitive incursion.

9 April : Seven Palestinians are killed and dozens injured when Israel forces fire on civilian areas from U.S.-supplied F16 fighters and Apache helicopters.

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