Can we now finally talk...?

Revolutionary Worker #1241, May 23, 2004, posted at

They said the war was for Weapons of Mass Destruction. But there were none.

They said the war was about terrorism--but no ties to al-Qaida were ever found.

They said the war was to end mass graves--but Bush's troops sent hundreds of Iraqi people in Fallujah to mass graves.

They said the war was to bring "freedom and democracy" to Iraq--but all it brought was a brutal occupation--house to house searches, shutting down newspapers, postponing and controlling elections, jailing people for expressing opposition.

They said the war was to remove the regime of Saddam Hussein--but now they are elevating former Baathist generals to be new warlords in areas of resistance.

And they said the war was about ending "torture chambers and rape cells"--but now we all know that U.S. military intelligence and CIA took over the regime's prisons to carry out torture and rape.

So...can we now all, finally, talk about the real causes of this long-planned war? About the imperialist strategies of empire? About the capitalist grab to dominate the Persian Gulf and the oil arteries of the world? And about the naked push to dominate the whole world at gunpoint--starting with this weakened, resource-rich, and highly strategic country of Iraq?