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Terrorism is whatever they say it is

Revolutionary Worker #1245, July 4, 2004, posted at

The following is from A World to Win News Service.

June 14, 2004. A World to Win News Service . What do you call an Iraqi who specialised in setting off car bombs, planting other explosive devices and sabotaging public facilities in his country at the behest of a foreign organization?

What do you call a man whose agents are said to have blown up a Baghdad cinema, with many civilian casualties? Who according to a former CIA official also may have blown up a school bus, killing children?

Well, you call him Mr. Prime Minister, thanks to the U.S. government, which just put him in place as their chief Iraqi running dog.

The Washington Post brought out Iyad Allawi's 1992-1995 Baghdad bombing campaign in a June 9 article. Most of the former CIA officials the newspaper contacted to verify these charges said that they "could not recall." None denied it, and their comments taken as a whole confirm them.

It also turns out that Allawi's closest partner in founding his political organization, the Iraqi National Accord, a man from Saddam's clan called Salih Omar Ali al-Tirkii, was at the same time in charge of public hangings in Baghdad.

According to the Post article, Allawi himself was apparently working for the CIA while running the Baathist party apparatus in the 1970s in London, where he was known for bullying other Iraqi students.

One thing that can be said about these men is that they spent their whole lives doing dirty deeds against the people no matter whose payroll they were on at the moment.

One reason Allawi's past came out is that he was not only a killer, but a thief, according to Amneh al-Khadami, who described himself as Allawi's "chief bomb maker." Khadami told on him, complaining that Allawi personally pocketed half of the $2,000 the CIA paid for every car bombing in the capital. In 1997, Khadami told the UK Independent that he was worried about his future, since, he said, the CIA might view him as "too much the terrorist."

Not to worry, Mr Khadami.

It's true that Bush and the whole U.S. political mainstream justify their unjust, unprovoked and unsuccessful invasion of Iraq as a necessary part of their "war on terrorism." But what is terrorism? Whatever they say it is.