Calling All Rebel and Revolutionary Youth!
Come to New York City for the month of August to run with the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, NYC!

Revolutionary Worker #1247, July 25, 2004, posted at

We are at a moment in history where Bush & Kerry and the whole ruling class are looking for a mandate--looking for an approving thumbs-up, or at least a complicit silence from people in this country for their whole war-of-empire horrors and homeland repression. They want to go forward--with whoever wins--and say, "This was the will of the people." But MILLIONS are fed-up with this program and do not want to go along with it. The debates in society over what is happening and how to stop Bush and his team are vast, and millions are searching for answers to very profound questions and for someone who can show what must be done. We must become part of this debate, uniting people in their resistance, and introducing them to Chairman Avakian who has answers they need to hear.

But the powers-that-be are doing all they can to stop people from visibly dissenting. THEY do not want the world to know how many of us do not stand with them. So, they are whipping up fear - telling people to not go out into the streets--and insisting, instead, that their voice will be heard as they stand solo in the voting booth.

NO! More than a million people must come out into the streets and REFUSE to go along with this whole program of shock and awe. The world must hear a resounding, defiant and determined NO! to Bush and all he stands for. There is a very real potential and a very real necessity to bring out more than a million people to the streets against the RNC.

The RCYB of NYC is urgently calling on youth to come to the city where the showdown is happening! Run with us to build a broad movement to change the course of history - and within that, preparing minds and organizing forces for revolution! This August in NYC will be a school of revolutionary struggle--in the streets and in the study of revolutionary theory! Join us as we fan out through different neighborhoods in New York City, taking out our Revolutionary Worker newspaper, arming people with the truth they need to change the world, and the leadership of our Chairman Avakian. We must bring people the truth about the moment we're in, and the importance of taking a stand.

The people of New York City will be forced to choose sides, and the stand they take will impact the world. Whether or not they stand with the people of the world is up to us!

Quit your job! Come to New York! Win everyone you know to support your efforts! These are the times when what we do could change the way history unfolds. Send money or other support if you can't come to New York. If you live in this city, or know someone who does, let us know. Raise money to send people. Post and email this call everywhere. Contact everyone--students, friends, resistance groups, etc! Contact Revolution Books in NYC for more information: 212-691-3345.