What the Toon World Would Be Like If Dobson Had His Way

Revolutionary Worker #1268, February 20, 2005, posted at rwor.org

Nora the Explorer

Nora the Explorer

In this final episode, Nora’s adventures come to an end as she realizes that Pat Robertson was right and that the earth is flat!

Moses the Cat and His Bag of Miracles


Not since the great flood that created the Grand Canyon has learning about the ten commandments been so fun. Join Moses and his bag of miracles as he sets up his own faith-based organization and comedy ensues.

Morality Bears

abstinence bear and holy bear

Abstinence Bear and Holy Bear come down from Heaven to help Promise Keeper Bill gain control of his rebellious daughter and make her more submissive. After helping her see the error of her ways, thanks to a beating blessed by God himself, everyone has ice cream.

Clifford the Big Straight Dog


In this episode Elaine and her heterosexual dog, Clifford, venture into New England in search of same sex couples and other sinners. Sadly, this will be the last episode of this cartoon, as James Dobson has proclaimed the idea of a talking dog as "against God."