All Out for May 1st, International Workers Day 2005

Create Public Opinion for Revolution on a Grand Scale

Revolutionary Worker #1275, April 24, 2005, posted at

After 26 years, this is the last issue of the Revolutionary Worker . We are changing our name and our look to capture the vision of a revolutionary communist newspaper of the 21st century.

Next week, for May 1st, REVOLUTION newspaper will be in your hands.

Join in the SPECIAL MAY FIRST EFFORT— to distribute 100,000 copies of REVOLUTION newspaper's first issue and 5,000 copies of the DVD samplers of Chairman Bob Avakian's talk, "Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's all About."

Contact RCP Publications or your local Revolution Books to order your bundles of REVOLUTION and stacks of DVD samplers.

Organize your friends and comrades to make ambitious plans so that REVOLUTION becomes a reference point for millions.

Get REVOLUTION out broadly—among the proletarian people and all strata of society—and develop networks for expanding waves of distribution throughout this summer and fall.

Contribute generously to make this effort possible and successful.