Revolution #149, November 30, 2008

Milk - a Reader's suggestion

11-28-2008 - We received the following suggestion from a reader:

People should definitely take the advice of the Check It Out column on Milk, the movie now playing about the life of Harvey Milk. Milk is a great movie and really needed right now! One suggestion: take whatever copies there are left of Revolution issue #148 with the cover story, “Gay Marriage: A Basic Right! A Just Demand!”

This is a powerful analysis on the depths of what's behind prop 8 and what kind of resistance is needed. At the very end of the film when the credits start rolling, stand up and do some agitation: We got a fight on our hands right now people! The Christian fascist movement has grown since Anita Bryant, and Barack Obama has conciliated with it at every chance. We must overturn the anti-gay marriage Prop 8! People have gotten in the streets and that's righteous, now we gotta stay in the streets! Get Revolution newspaper for $1 or more, this tells you what's behind Prop 8 and what's needed, including the kind of revolutionary change needed to get rid of this system once and for all.

I was with two others and we sold 30 papers in five minutes and got a couple small contributions towards Revolution.

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