Revolution #173, August 16, 2009

Yard Sale

A successful Dawn to Dusk yard sale took place Saturday July 25 to raise fund for the Revolution Books store in Cleveland and Revolution paper. What made it a success was not just the amount that was raised but also the mass effort to put the fundraiser together.

The response was fantastic and donations came in from all parts of Cleveland and outside the city. People who understand the need for the bookstore and paper were happy to give what they could. The event brings to mind the idea of a solid core with a lot of elasticity because people that donated came from ideologies all across the political spectrum. One person is leaning toward libertarianism but enjoys the paper and discussions so much he felt compelled to donate. Conversely, a woman who has been reading Bob Avakian for thirty years contributed for obvious reasons. There are many more examples of people giving which includes people from the Mexican American community outside of Cleveland, social workers, college professors, a woman battling to save her home from foreclosure, an unemployed artist, and many more.

Personally, I enjoyed working with others to advertise, collect items, and help run the sale. It was enjoyable because it served a meaningful purpose to help keep the store operating and the paper as the scaffolding of this revolution.

On the Saturday of the sale it rained twice but we were able to rescue all the items and come back with a flourish to raise over six hundred dollars in one day.

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