Revolution #173, August 16, 2009

A Letter from the Youth:

Funds Needed for Special Issue of Revolution

People often complain that young people are too focused on themselves to care about the world around them. Well, it’s not so simple. We are writing to you from the Revolutionary Youth Summer Project in New York—where young people from around the country have come together to put revolution on the map, to work to make Bob Avakian a household name, and to build a movement for revolution. We are connecting up with a new generation. And we are learning about how many young people wish the world could be different, but how much this system has kept from them about how change can come about. We have done social investigation to learn about the dreams and the nightmares of the youth. Now we are putting all this into a special issue of Revolution newspaper directed at high school and middle school students.

This special issue will take on the myths and confusion, often taught in schools, surrounding communism and the past communist experiences. It will critique some of the culture that is widespread among the youth—and discuss the actual impact of this on people. We will explore just what sort of future this society has for the youth, including what young people have said to us in their own words. This special issue of Revolution can bring forward young people, challenging them to hook up with this revolutionary movement and to engage with the leadership of Bob Avakian.

This special issue needs to get into the hands of many, many thousands. This is where you come in.

We need funds to enable us to produce, print and distribute lots of copies of this special issue to as many young people as we can. We need funds to produce a high-quality issue that not only captures the attention and imagination of young people, but challenges them not to ignore reality-—but to be a part of actually transforming it. We need funds to get this out to all kinds of places, including the classrooms. If you’re a high school teacher or middle school teacher order bulk copies.

Your donations will go towards helping to build a revolutionary movement among a generation that is increasingly being written off, yet has so much potential.

Send us your comments.

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