Revolution #186, December 20, 2009

Contribute to Send Revolution Reporter to Gaza

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Over the winter holiday this year, Revolution correspondent Alan Goodman will be participating in and reporting from the Gaza Freedom March.

We need your financial help to do this.

People are coming from all around the world to participate in this march, which marks the one-year anniversary of Israel’s massacre in Gaza, Palestine. The main demand of the march is an end to the blockade that has cut Gaza off from the world, and prevents people from receiving even necessary food and medical supplies. Before the march, Alan Goodman will be able to spend several days in Gaza, witnessing the devastation of last year’s one-sided war, and the impact of the blockade first hand.

Revolution newspaper has analyzed and exposed the situation for the people of Gaza, and the underlying global and regional forces and interests at work. This trip will strengthen our ability to do so. And beyond that, actually being on the ground in Gaza, talking to people, learning about their lives, their culture, their dreams and their questions will help make it possible to paint a living, breathing, and truthful picture of people who are confined to what has been called the world’s largest outdoor prison. It will help bring to light the lives of people who the most powerful forces on earth have sought to dehumanize.

When Alan Goodman returns from Gaza, he will energetically reach out to audiences large and small to tell the world what he’s seen, and in so doing impel people to politically oppose the crimes of Israel and the U.S. This is particularly important right here in the U.S., the country that provides full backing for Israel’s horrific crimes against the Palestinian people. And in the course of doing that outreach, there will be many opportunities to open people’s eyes to a whole other way the world could be—without imperialism or oppression of any kind.

The budget for this trip is substantial, and large donations are necessary. In addition, we strongly encourage many of you to raise and donate smaller amounts. We will also appreciate suggestions on how to spread the word broadly when Alan Goodman gets back, including your thoughts on speaking and writing opportunities in, and beyond Revolution.

To contribute to this project, send checks and money orders, with "Alan Goodman Travel" in the memo field, to RCP Publications, PO Box 3486 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL 60654.

Send us your comments.

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