Revolution #188, January 10, 2010

"A Common Bond that is Shared..."

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund received the following letter from a reader in prison:

Profound Respects.....

I am confident that all the brothers and sisters under the banner of R.C.P. are continuing to strive in the spirit of excellence in all your noble endeavors.

I received issue no 183. Thank you very much for including me in this month's issue. I truly enjoyed each and every fine printed and expressed voice from fellow brothers of many other backgrounds and who are in the same position of confinement. Considering each others mind state under the banner of common teachings of R.C.P. and having a deep desire for the people's welfare, justice and equality in conduct, and knowledge of revolution, with a big heart to aid the oppressed is beautiful...what truly bothers me, and have yet to understand is, how is it that many brothers from other backgrounds/race come together under a banner of a common cause. Yet when a situation [occurs] here in this world of confinement with two races, they try to kill each other. I do not understand this mindstate, and though it's not my duty to seek answers, I do hope to understand. I believe that those who strive and live for revolution, aims should be to uphold the dictates of revolution, and bring order into the affairs of those who support and are a part of the movement. So that the oppressed can gain some form of relief in this world that we live in. History has proven that when the masses are not equipped with the requisite of revolution knowledge, we won't adopt the appropriate attitude to the decrees of our leadership. This leadership being that upon each other within this world of confinement, to stop the clashing of brothers under the banner of a common movement against one another just because we come from another background/race. Any time a group or class perceives a understanding of the law of revolution to be contrary to their own interest, we will find some kind of opening permitting us to violate or subvert the movement in question, or even start rebelling against it and not really understand why. When we do that, the origins of revolution starts to weaken in us. And if we continue to rebel against each other, the pillars of revolution will break down. And order and discipline will blow pass us like the wind. And for those reasons alone, I feel it's important for brothers in confinement under the banner of revolution teachings to acknowledge each other as brothers in action and deed. For there is a common bond that is shared. And that is revolution. These are only my views. As my heart is an instrument of weighing and measuring, and always open for improvement. As improvement is always needed within this world of confinement. Again, thank you for this month's issue. I loved it and a big desire to play my part. I understand the issue of funds, so I really appreciate allowing me to be a part of the knowledge that R.C.P. have to share. Thank you. And power to all my brothers and sisters who strive each day to keep the movement alive.

Profound Respects
Your brother

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