Revolution #194, March 7, 2010

Statement by William Bell, Father of Sean Bell, on the Decision of the U.S. Justice Department to Not Prosecute the Cops Who Killed his Son

They say they couldn't prove the cops who killed my son acted intentionally. What are they saying? Nobody's going to say they went out to kill somebody intentionally. They had the 50 shots—what more did they need?

What are they talking about? They had all this time to put their case together, and this is what comes out of it? They BS'd me—that's what they did to me.

They're telling me my son's life didn't mean anything as far as they're concerned. They're telling me to go to hell. It's like they slapped me in the face 3 times now. Once when they murdered him, again when the court let the cops who murdered him walk and now again with the federal government saying they're not going to prosecute. How can I forget this, the way they murdered Sean, and how they've treated us since then. They don't know what I'm dealing with around this.

It's like when they used to hang us. They do it different now—then it was the lynching rope, today it's the cops and 50 shots—but it comes down to the same thing.

Who makes these laws? The cops can kill you and get away with it, and everybody in the government says it's OK. When are we going to get our rights back? When are we going to get our rights period?

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