Revolution #203, June 13, 2010

The People Must Act to Stop The Oil Catastrophe

Revolutionaries Are Going to the Gulf
Your Support Is Needed

For over 45 days, people have watched with horror as the oil spill in the Gulf has turned into an environmental catastrophe. And people have watched the government and BP repeatedly prove themselves unwilling and unable to truly deal with this crisis. These are crimes against the planet and humanity. The people must act boldly and creatively to stop this catastrophe. We are sending teams onto the scene. And we are asking for your support.

The Revolutionary Communist Party is reaching out broadly—to youth, to environmental activists, to scientists and engineers, and to working people on the ground. Our aim is to help inspire and rally people to do everything possible to save the environment and ecosystems of the region and beyond.  And in this crisis situation, we will be spreading the understanding that this is a “capitalist oil spill,” but that there is a way out. We are building a movement for revolution. We can get rid of capitalism and bring about a liberating society and economy that can enable humanity to be the caretakers of the planet.

Your financial support is needed:

Please give a contribution commensurate with the crisis.
It matters.

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