Revolution #206, July 4, 2010

Bob Avakian on "What to the Slave Is Your Fourth of July?": 1,000 total views on Friday, July 2!

As this system celebrates its criminal empire, make a voice for real revolution heard. Check this clip from Bob Avakian's landmark Revolution talk, "What to the slave is your fourth of July? From the past to the present" at and in Spanish at

On Friday, July 2 be part of a campaign to reach 1000 views of this powerful clip. This is a proper way to mark July 4th and is part of putting revolution, and revolutionary leadership, on the map.

Starting from the great abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass's bold and cutting speech, "What to the Slave Is Your Fourth of July?" Avakian lays bare the system that has evolved in the U.S., rooted in slavery, fed by brutal exploitation, and inextricably bound up with white supremacy. "White supremacy is built into the foundation of this country," Avakian says. "It is something that this system, and those who rule it, could not do without, even if they wanted to...which they don't."

Ways you can be part of this 24-hour campaign, spreading and, STARTING NOW:

On Facebook: Post the clip to your profile and to your friends' pages. Post it as a Note and tag several friends. Post it in various Facebook groups and fan pages for various political causes (anti-racism, immigrant rights, anti-war, etc.). Check for frequent updates.

Twitter: ReTweet the tweets from throughout the day, write your own reasons for sharing this, and encourage all your friends and followers to do the same.

YouTube: Favorite and like the video clips. Write about it on your friends' walls, and send the link to the clip in messages.

Via email: Email the link to the clip to friends and email lists, and encourage people to forward it to their friends and lists!

Text: Send text messages: "What to the slave is your fourth of July? From the past to the present" Watch this clip, FWD this text.

Blogs: If you've got a blog, post it there, and if you have any connections to widely read bloggers, encourage them to post it to their blogs as well.

On Internet discussion sites: Post the link in political discussion forums...and get the discussion going!

Please contact us at with any other ideas you have for reaching this goal—1,000 views on Friday, July 2, for and

The REVOLUTION is real. Watch it. Spread it.

—the Revolution Talk web promotion team

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