Revolution #224 online, February 14, 2011

Building a Movement For REVOLUTION—Getting Out Bob Avakian’s Statement on Egypt

The uprising in Egypt has created one of those important moments described in the newly released statement “ON THE STRATEGY FOR REVOLUTION” from the RCP,USA: a jolt “in the ‘normal functioning’ of things,” which creates a situation “in which many more people are searching for answers and open to considering radical change. The work of building the movement for revolution must be consistently carried out at all times, but in these situations of sharp breaks with the ‘normal routine’ there is greater possibility, and greater potential, to make advances. This must be fully recognized and built on to the greatest degree possible, so that through such situations, leaps are made in building up the movement and the organized forces for revolution, creating in this way a stronger basis from which to work for further advances.”

Bob Avakian’s statement on this uprising—“EGYPT 2011: MILLIONS HAVE HEROICALLY STOOD UP... THE FUTURE REMAINS TO BE WRITTEN, A Statement By Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA”—is an excellent tool to do just that. This statement needs to reach far and wide, to wherever people have been compelled to “question and resist what they usually accept.” In this article we want to suggest a few ideas.

1) Go to wherever people are gathering about this—public forums, demonstrations, campus cafeterias, wherever—and get this statement out there. Form up with a crew if you can, go alone if you must, but get this out.

2) Form up teams of 2-4 people to saturate key neighborhoods, campuses, high schools, youth areas, etc. with this statement. Saturation means getting this out to everybody, without pausing to argue or go deeply into explanations. (If possible, put a sticker on the statement giving people who are interested a way to learn more and get involved.) If you have three people, have one person focus on raising money and offering other literature (especially the Manifesto from the RCP,USA, Communism: The Beginning of a New Stage…, as well as issues of Revolution newspaper and copies of the statement “The Revolution We Need...The Leadership We Have”...and don’t forget the CONSTITUTION for the New Socialist Republic in North America (Draft Proposal) From the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA either)...and if you have four people, why not have one person hold a sign saying “Tell Me What You Are Thinking About Egypt,” and find out what people are thinking...and what they think of this statement.

3) Leave stacks of statements in buses and trains, laundromats and other shops, community centers and classrooms and student hangouts, doing this as you go about your business. Or stake out a corner on your own for a while, on your lunch hour or between work and school. Keep it simple—just get it around.

4) Get with comrades and friends. Make a list of everyone you know who should get this—including people who at one time were interested or involved in the movement, but for whatever reasons have dropped away. More than one person has re-contacted revolutionaries to say that “wow, you were right about people coming into motion and movements seeming to spring up all at once.” Make sure that they get this statement and have a way to get back in touch with you.

5) If there is a bookstore in your area—either a Revolution Books or a friendly bookstore, or else a friendly coffee shop or some other kind of hangout—set times where people can come to talk about the situation. Yes, let people know what the movement is doing and how they can help—including by donating money—but create an atmosphere where people know that if for right now they just want to dig into what’s going on and why and where it all could go, that’s really good too. Create space and give space, while making sure that there are “on-ramps” for people to get involved.

6) In key neighborhoods and campuses—especially where the revcoms are known—call impromptu speak-outs where people can come and check out what the revcoms think about this, and get out their own thinking and questions as well. In areas where the revcoms are not known—and this may include areas with a high population of Egyptian or other Arab peoples—go to where the people are and ask if you can talk with them about what they are thinking of the situation and how they are viewing it.

7) Find every way for people to contribute. Are there people who want to donate money to get out the truth about what is going on, and this unique perspective on what is needed now? That should be constant and basic. But also: are there professors and graduate students, or exiles and immigrants, who would want to help translate, or review translations? Are there people who would want to leave statements or newspapers around in shops and restaurants and community centers? High school or junior high teachers who would want someone to speak in their class? Friendly printers who would donate services? Business owners, community center directors, or clergy who would store literature?

8) Write Revolution. Let us know what you are learning. Forward your ideas and your experience.


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