Revolution #225, February 27, 2011

Coming February 28—Special Issue Featuring "On the Strategy for Revolution"

Last week, Revolution posted an important new statement from the RCP,USA—"On the Strategy for Revolution." This statement very concisely lays out just that, in a way that is easy to understand. And next week we will be focusing on that statement in an important special issue.

This will be a two-week issue. We call on our networks of regular readers to begin planning now for how to reach out with this statement, making the strategy for revolution known to many thousands beyond our regular readership, and drawing new people into the revolutionary movement. The first step in that, of course, is studying and discussing the content of the statement itself. But then, let's be creative.

Beginning on Thursday, February 24, we are going to post ideas on getting this out on our website, and beginning the following Thursday, March 3, we will post experiences that people have. Please send in postings by Wednesday night.

Send us your comments.

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